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A data-driven and collaborative approach helps Pride Transport upgrade to Mobil Delvac 1™ engine oil

ExxonMobil Optimized Oil Drain Interval (ODI) Process testimonial

Extended oil drain intervals, enhanced fuel economy and annual savings of nearly $700,000 with Mobil Delvac 1 engine oil – just a few of the things ExxonMobil is doing for Pride Transport.

As one of the nation’s leading refrigerated carriers, Pride Transport knows the value of using high-quality lubricants and choosing the right business partners. In fact, for nearly a decade, this Salt Lake City-based fleet has worked with ExxonMobil. “For the past seven years, we’ve seen how working with ExxonMobil and using Mobil Delvac heavy-duty engine oils has improved our operational performance and overall bottom line,” said Terrence Bloodworth, Director of Maintenance for Pride Transport.

Switching the fleet to a full synthetic oil
That was then. Today, to protect their nearly 400-vehicle fleet, Bloodworth and his team have upgraded to Mobil Delvac 1™ LE 5W-30, a full synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil. But according to Bloodworth, this switch wasn’t an overnight decision. “We’d been using Mobil Delvac Elite, a semi-synthetic engine oil, for a number of years and had great success, with our drain intervals set at 60,000 miles,” said Bloodworth. “So we didn’t feel an immediate urgency to make a change to a synthetic oil.”

But since Pride Transport is always looking for ways to improve their business, Bloodworth admits, “We were curious and continued to discuss options with our longtime lubricants distributor, Rhinehart Oil, and the folks at ExxonMobil.” These conversations helped Pride Transport understand that upgrading to a full synthetic oil might be the best option. A testing protocol was put in place to measure real-world trucking operations and to find out whether or not there was any extra value in making the switch.

Employing the Optimized ODI Process
The robust testing program that Pride Transport eventually put in place spanned two years and employed testing equipment custom designed by engineers from ExxonMobil. “The result was a data logger, which we deployed with a very disciplined approach, that collected roughly 120 million data points from actual driving conditions. Having such a robust set of data gave our Pride Transport managers the confidence to convert the entire fleet to Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30.”

Throughout the Optimized ODI Process, Pride Transport and ExxonMobil engaged the engineering staff at engine maker Detroit Diesel to solicit any concerns they might have about pushing drain intervals to 80,000 miles. The manufacturer raised no objections.

Adding up the benefits of extended oil drain intervals
Pride Transport truck ready to leave loading station Now, nearly two years since enrolling in the Optimized ODI Process and switching their entire fleet to Mobil Delvac 1 LE heavy-duty diesel engine oil, Pride Transport continues to reap the benefits. Maintenance shop workload has decreased, oil drain intervals have extended 33 percent to an average of 80,000 miles, and fuel economy potential has improved by more than 2.5 percent. The engine oil upgrade has also helped reduce Pride Transport’s carbon footprint. Emissions are now down by more than 5.2 million pounds – which is equal to removing more than 450 average passenger vehicles from the road.

Bloodworth continues, “The reduction in oil consumption and improvements in fuel economy potential have boosted the efficiency of our maintenance team so much that it’s like we have expanded the shop’s size and staff, without the added cost of actually doing so. Our technicians are now spending less time than ever on routine oil changes and can focus on critical proactive maintenance, conducting inspections and preventing mechanical problems before they occur. This not only helps our trucks perform better and stay out on the road longer, but it also makes everyone at Pride Transport very happy, including our CFO.”

Working together to achieve winning results
Bloodworth credits Lilo Hurtado, the ExxonMobil lubricants application engineer with whom Pride Transport worked closely, in providing the assistance, tools and all the research and connections necessary to help make the engine oil upgrade a reality.

“Lilo and the technical group made all the difference,” Bloodworth said. “For us, the ability to regularly consult with lubrication experts about our oil analysis program, or other efficiency opportunities, or upcoming regulations, is a huge deal and puts ExxonMobil well above the competition.” Hurtado returns the credit right back to Bloodworth, saying, “This is simply Pride Transport’s approach to doing business, and it happens to be a win-win-win.”

This Proof of Performance is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.

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