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5 reasons to use low viscosity engine oil

Why follow when you can lead the trucking industry

A lot of people in the trucking industry, from owner/operators to fleet managers, are hearing about the advantages of low viscosity engine oil and are wondering if they should make the switch. Experts agree – the answer is a resounding YES. And here are five good reasons why.

1. Save money

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Low viscosity oils help improve fuel economy, which can reduce one of the biggest trucking expenses – fuel. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay program, "The combined effect of low viscosity synthetic engine oils and drivetrain lubricants can improve fuel economy by at least 3 percent, saving nearly 485 gallons of fuel per year for a typical combination truck."1

2. Align with industry leaders

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Schneider, Lesmeister Transportation, Pride Transport, H&W Trucking, Dot Transportation and other industry leaders already rely on low viscosity oils to help them reach their sustainability and money-saving goals.

3. Meet OEM recommendations

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Major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) – including Detroit, PACCAR, Volvo and Mack – continue to expand their use of low viscosity oils for factory and service fills.

4. Take advantage of ExxonMobil expertise

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The technical knowledge and experience of ExxonMobil reps can help owner/operators and fleets effectively transition to low viscosity lubricants and help maximize fuel economy benefits.

5. Meet future emissions standards

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Overdrive Online Magazine calls low viscosity oil "one of the key components"in meeting upcoming federal standards. Currently, the biggest burden is on OEMs to make sure their new trucks are compliant with the EPA’s 2017 greenhouse gas reduction strategy. However, owner/operators and fleets will also need to consider these standards with the arrival of PC-11, the American Petroleum Institute’s heavy-duty diesel engine oil category

1. SmartWay, Environmental Protection Agency, November 2012.
2. Overdrive Online Magazine, May 2013.

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