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Trucking #14

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Trucker Ken Gober stands at NASCAR race When Ken Gober left New England 15 years ago, he hoped to get a job in racing. And he made that dream come true. Since 2010, he has driven the Mobil 1™/Bass Pro Shops™ transporter for Stewart-Haas Racing, taking Tony Stewart's car to more than 30 NASCAR races per year.

"The pressure is pretty big because I'm responsible for everything in this truck," he says. "I make sure the truck is stocked with all the parts, cleaning supplies, and everything we need at the racetrack for the whole weekend."

Despite the pressure, Ken loves his job. "A lot of truck drivers want to drive something close to what I have," he says. "So I’m fortunate to drive something like that." He trusts Mobil Delvac 1™ to protect his engine and trusts Adam Hillard of the Rush Truck Center of Charlotte, North Carolina, to keep the Stewart-Haas fleet in peak shape. Hillard has serviced the fleet for two and a half years, and understands the challenges. "These engines go through a lot of stress," he says. "They're always hauling the limit. They never have a light load."

Mechanic working on truckHillard uses Mobil Delvac 1™ LE 5W-30 fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil in the Stewart-Haas trucks. "The temperature ranges that these engines go through as they travel across the country can be drastic, from extreme cold to extreme heat," Hillard says. "The extreme heats from the heavy hauling and long distances can really break conventional engine oils down fairly quickly. With synthetic you get a better product for a longer period of time."

"You’ll spend a little more on synthetics than conventional oils but you’ll be able to increase your drain intervals," Hillard adds. "We'll send off an oil sample to a lab and every time we've gotten back a clean bill of health."

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